BittyWeb Technical Requirements

The Basic Requirement

To use BittyWeb you must have a suitable web browser running on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone which supports Bluetooth Low Energy (LE).

Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth LE is often referred to as Bluetooth 4.x or Bluetooth 5.0. You'll need to check the documentation for your device to check whether or not it has Bluetooth LE but the very vast majority of smartphones and tablets do support it.

Suitable Web Browsers

BittyWeb uses a web browser technology called Web Bluetooth. Not all web browsers currently support Web Bluetooth.

Check the browser / platform combinations table for information about Web Bluetooth support and setup.


Samsung Internet Browser
Apple Mac Just works
Chrome OS Just works
Windows 10 Just works
Linux Tweaking required
Android Just works Just works
iOS Just works Options

Your Browser Details



Test your device(s) using the Web Bluetooth Device Info sample by Google, here. Select the All Devices checkbox and make sure you have at least one micro:bit plugged in. You should see something like this:

with each micro:bit you have switched on, listed.