BittyWeb Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About BittyWeb

What is BittyWeb?

BittyWeb is a web site that offers a number of applications for use with the BBC micro:bit. It's intended to be used by schools, coding clubs, STEM groups, education research organisations and more. Importantly, BittyWeb is for the whole class, not just the teacher at the front of the class. Entire classes can engage in physics experiments, robotics projects and coding exercises, working independently or in teams.

What are the BittyWeb applications?

Bitty Data Logger collects data from a BBC micro:bit's internal sensors or from things connected electrically to the edge connector of the micro:bit. The data is charted in real time, enabling users to visualise and develop an intuitive understanding of the phenomena. Motion can be observed. Concentrations of chemicals in the air, tracked. The decay of charge held by a capacitor observed. Magnetic fields can be measured. Temperature changes examined over time. These are just a few of the possibilities. Bitty Data Logger lets you visualise the invisible.

After charting has finished, the captured data can be exported so that the raw numbers can be subjected to other types of analysis.

Data is communicated wirelessly from the micro:bit using Bluetooth so there's no need to make connections from the micro:bit to the computer BittyWeb is being used on and in fact the micro:bit and computer can be fairly far away from each other. How far depends on the code running on the micro:bit, the sensitivity of the Bluetooth receiver in your computer and the number and types of objects in the environment which might degrade the signal in various ways. A hundred metres is certainly possible.

Bitty Data Logger is available as a mobile application for iOS and Android as well as from within BittyWeb. Videos showing the Bitty Controller mobile application are available as are coding tutorials.

Bitty Controller allows you to control machines from your web browser. Buggies can be driven. Cranes can be made to lift and lower loads. Motors can be engaged. Servos controlled in either direction.

Bitty Controller is ideal for robotics and coding projects. You need the right code on your micro:bit and it needs to be connected correctly to your machine's motors, switches or servos. Bitty Controller sends commands over Bluetooth which your micro:bit code can respond to so that your machine behaves in the required way.

Bitty Controller is available as a mobile application for iOS and Android as well as from within BittyWeb. Videos showing the Bitty Controller mobile application are available as are coding tutorials.

Bitty Event Monitor lets you indicate visually, any event reported by your micro:bit over Bluetooth. Maybe the temperature just got too hot or too cold? Report this as an event and let Bitty Event Monitor make this nice and clear!

Bitty Polyhedra lets you explore 3D geometric shapes, using your micro:bit to rotate the shapes in three dimensional space. Take the quiz and find out if you know your polyhedra!

What types of computer can I use BittyWeb on?

BittyWeb is accessed using only a web browser. No other software needs to be installed. It can be used on Windows 10 PCs, Apple Macs, Chromebooks, Linux PCs and Android devices. In most cases you just need the right type of web browser and nothing else. Occassionally you'll need to do some configuration. Specific web browsers only are supported so you should check the technical requirements carefully.

Can I use BittyWeb on my iPad or iPhone?

No, not at present since iOS devices do not have a suitable web browser, as indicated in the BittyWeb technical requirements. Users wishing to use iOS devices should use the Bitty Software iOS applications.

BittyWeb Accounts

How do I get access to BittyWeb?

To gain access to BittyWeb, you need to open an account for your organisation. This is achieved using the signup page and involves providing details of your organisation, choosing a login ID and password for a personal account with which to login and placing an order for the use of the BittyWeb applications.

If you're not part of an organisation and wish to open a personal account for you and you alone, that's fine. Just select "None" as the organisation type in the signup form and provide your own name and address.

A BittyWeb user account will be created for you with your chosen login ID and passsword. There are two types of BittyWeb user account and the account created when you initially signup will be an administrator user account. Read more about user account types below.

Placing an order creates a subscription which allows use of the BittyWeb applications for a given number of weeks and by a maximum number of concurrent users. Subscriptions are chargeable and a price for your selected subscription will be displayed on the signup page.

At the signup page, you should also review the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. After this, submitting the form will take you to a payment page where you will see your order summarised. Click the Buy Now button and you will be taken to a PayPal page where you will be able to pay using your PayPal account, credit or debit card.

How much does it cost to use BittyWeb?

BittyWeb is used on a subscription basis. When you place an order to use the system, it is for a particular duration (e.g. 12 weeks) and a certain maximum number of concurrent users (e.g. 30, probably enough for the whole class). Prices are displayed on the signup page and you can explore the subscription parameters to see what effect they have on price. Note that discounts are applied to larger orders and the discount amount increases with the size of the order.

How do I pay for a BittyWeb subscription?

You can use a PayPal account or your credit or debit card to pay for your BittyWeb subscription.

What types of user account are there?

Administrator user accounts are only available to adults aged 18 or over. An administrator is able to create, modify and delete standard user accounts and must be associated with a particular person whose name is recorded with the login ID and a valid email address. Administrators can use BittyWeb applications in exactly the same way as standard users.

Standard user accounts are available to anyone of any age. These user accounts are completely anonymous and consist only of a login ID and password. Standard user accounts can be used by the same person consistently or by a different user each time. Standard user accounts are intended for use by students as opposed to teachers but how they're used is on the whole, up to you. Standard users can use BittyWeb applications in exactly the same way as administrator users but cannot create, modify or delete user accounts.

How many user accounts can I create?

Administrators can create as many user accounts as they need. The system does not impose any limit. However, the total number of concurrent users specified in the organisation's active BittyWeb subscriptions will limit the number of those users that may be using a BittyWeb application at the same time.

BittyWeb Problems

I forgot my password!

Go to the login page and click the "can't remember" link. Answer the questions on the form which appears and you'll be led through a process which should solve your problem. If you know your login ID and are an administrator, then a password reset link will be emailed to you. If you're an administrator but have forgotten your login ID, you can use your email address to have a reset link sent. If you're not an administrator then you must talk to one of your organisation's administrators and they will assist you.

A message says my browser does not support Web Bluetooth!

Web Bluetooth is the name of the browser technology which BittyWeb applications use to talk to BBC micro:bits. Not all web browsers support Web Bluetooth and in some cases, such as Windows 10, only the very latest versions of the supported browser can be used. Check the BittyWeb technical requirements very carefully if you're seeing this message and ensure you are using a supported browser and that it is up to date.

Web Bluetooth can only be used when the web page it is being used from was loaded from the server using the secure HTTPS protocol rather than the insecure HTTP protocol. Make sure the web site address in your browser's address field starts with "https://".

The system says I am already logged in!

You can only log in with a given login ID once. If you wish to use the same login ID, say on another computer, you will need to log out from the first computer before you will be allowed to log in on the other machine.

If you exit BittyWeb without clicking the Logout button in the menu, perhaps simply closing the browser window instead, the system will think you are still logged in. If this happens, you must wait for 10 minutes before your session expires and you are allowed to log in with that login ID again. If you don't want this to happen, then try to get into the habit of using the Logout button to exit the system.