About BittyWeb

BittyWeb provides educational applications for use with the BBC micro:bit. Every member of the class, both students and teachers, can login from their computer, tablet or smartphone and use applications such as Bitty Data Logger and Bitty Controller.

Bitty Data Logger lets you capture, visualise and share date from BBC mico:bits, either from internal sensors like the accelerometer or from things connected to its edge connector. For a great example of the latter case, see C02 monitoring using a micro:bit. It's is a valuable tool for teaching science, allowing invisible phenomena to be visualised and empirical data to be collected for analysis.

Bitty Controller lets you wirelessly control machines and electronic circuits which are connected electrically to a micro:bit. It's great for physics lessons and technology projects in general, especially robotics projects.

Bitty Polyhedra lets you explore 3D geometric shapes, using your micro:bit to rotate the shapes in three dimensional space. Take the quiz and find out if you know your polyhedra!

Bitty Event Monitor allows you to monitor things with your micro:bit and indicate events such as changes of state on your BittyWeb screen using colours and text of your choice. Keep an eye on the temperature and indicate whenever it gets too hot or too cold. Monitor for movement and indicate visually when your micro:bit gets moved. If you can measure and monitor it with your micro:bit, you can indicate it using BittyWeb's Event Monitor application.


For support or further information, email bittysoftwareuk AT gmail DOT com.