bitty Xmas Bauble

Hang a micro:bit on the Xmas tree or somewhere else, equally festive and remote control LED animations and (with suitable hardware), Xmas tunes!

Bitty Xmas Bauble lets you choose from any of 6 LED animations and 3 Xmas tunes to have your micro:bit perform. For audio, you need a piezo speaker connected to pin 0 and GND or better still, we recommend using a Kitronik MI:power board which neatly holds a battery and has a pretty good audio chip built in. Here are details of the MI:power board.

You only need to connect your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth to the micro:bit when you want to change what it's doing. The rest of the time you can just leave the micro:bit to get on with being amazingly Christmassy!

There's even an emergency stop feature built into the micro:bit software. Yes, we know that not everyone is quite as into Xmas as you are and that a quick way to stop that delightful Xmas tune might just come in handy. So we programmed the buttons on the micro:bit to stop the current audio and LED display immediately.

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