bitty data logger

With bitty data logger you can capture and chart accelerometer, magnetometer and temperature data from your micro:bit's internal sensors over Bluetooth. You can also capture and chart data from external, analogue devices connected to your micro:bit's pins. After capturing data, you can export it for analysis in a spreadsheet or other application.


bitty controller

The 'bitty controller' app acts as a Bluetooth remote control for things connected to a device like a BBC micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Basically, you should be able to use any programmable micro-controller, developer board or computer which has Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) support inside or added to it in the form of an external module.


bitty blue

Bitty Blue provides a collection of fun things to do with a BBC micro:bit (or compatible device) and Bluetooth. Play with 3D "PolySquiggles", use your micro:bit as a compass, have fun with the micro:bit's buttons, design patterns and send them or text to the micro:bit LED display, connect and control electronic circuits. Lots of fun and educational too!


bitty audio prank

With the 'bitty audio prank' app on your smartphone or tablet you can make it emit surprising and funny sounds just by pressing buttons on your micro:bit in various ways.


bitty xmas bauble

Liven up your Xmas tree with a Bluetooth controlled micro:bit Xmas bauble!


others apps

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